Welcome to Bayfield Middle School

We would like to welcome all our visitors to the BMS website.  We have created our school website to help parents, students, community members, and people wanting to learn more about our school be able to get important and timely information.  We are relying more and more on electronic communication to let you know what is going on in our school.  The Principal's Corner will serve as a monthly newsletter of information of importance to students and parents. We have included a variety of links to facilitate the sharing of information from our school.

 We are proud of our Middle School for the quality interaction and support among students, parents and staff.  We want to make this website an efficient and effective source of information for you.  We welcome your feedback and input to help make this an effective tool of information.

 To register a new student you will need to following information.

  •  A copy of your child's birth certificate.
  •  A copy of your child's most current immunization record.  If your child is exempt, we have a form for you to sign.
  • If your child is on any medication that needs to be administered at school, including non-prescription medications, we will have you fill out a permission form.  We will also need a prescription from a doctor and the medication in its original bottle.

Bell Schedule For Students:

  • First Bell--7:50
  • Tardy Bell --7:55
  • 6th Grade Lunch--12:27-12:47
  • 7th Grade Lunch--11:55-12:10 
  • 8th Grade Lunch--11:50-12:42
  • School Dismissed--3:25

Late Start Bell Schedule For Students:

  • First Bell--9:25
  • Tardy Bell --9:30
  • 6th Grade Lunch--12:19-12:39
  • 7th Grade Lunch--11:56-12:11 
  • 8th Grade Lunch--11:51-12:31
  • School Dismissed--3:25         

BMS Principal Update August 17, 2014 

Welcome Forward into the 2014-2015 school year! 

School starts Tuesday, August 19.  

Staff is on duty at 7:25.  First Bell is 7:50.  Classes begin at 7:55.  Classes are dismissed for the day at 3:25. 

Welcome New Staff! 

Dave Kelley-Counselor.  Louis Poitry: Special Education.  Samantha Tower: Special Education Teaching Assistant.  Bobbi Hanhardt: Health Aide.  Cori Poitry: Grade 6.  Ashley Schwartz: Student Teacher Grade 6. 

First Day Information 

All students meet in the BMS gym at 7:55 for a “Welcome Assembly.”  Students will then be dismissed to their first period class, where they will receive their schedules and locker assignments.  Students will know which class they have first period by checking class lists that are posted in the entry hallways. 

Open House

for BMS will be held next Monday, August 25, from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  You will be able to visit with teachers and tour the building at that time. 

Late Start

Our first Late Start Wednesday will be August 27.  Class for students begins at 9:30 on Late Start days.  Staff begins at 7:15 to engage in the work of Professional Learning Communities.  Comment from a BMS staff member: “The  PLC process is powerful and has certainly been a  positive experience within our district.  It is an ongoing process that continues to support the needs of the students as well as the professionals.” 

Security Update

Exterior doors at BMS are shut and locked when school is in session.  To enter the building during normal school hours, you will need to use our “buzzer” system which is located in the front door entryway. 

Say goodbye to our old scoreboard and marquee.

You may notice new goalposts on the football field.  Construction is underway for a new scoreboard and marquee. 

Bear Alert 

If a bear is on the BMS school grounds, students will be required to stay inside the building. If a bear is in the vicinity of a bus stop, students will remain on the bus until it is safe to disembark. 

Math Labs 

All 7th and 8th grade students will be scheduled into a quarter-long Math Lab at some point during the school year.  The purpose of the Math Lab is to support students to master the content of the new, more rigorous math standards. 

Mandatory Study Hall 

Students who consistently have grades lower than “C” will be required to attend Study Hall to improve their grade. Students who have late or missing assignments will be required to attend Study Hall to complete the assignment. 


All students are scheduled into an Advisory period which is held during the last period of the school day.  Advisory teachers will be your primary contact for your child.  Students will also use Advisory for the Accelerated Reader program.  


Football: Thursday, August 21, Bayfield vs. Escalante at Escalante, 4 p.m.

            Next Thursday, August 28, Bayfield vs. Pagosa at Bayfield, 4 p.m. 

Volleyball:  Thursday, August 28.  Escalante vs. Bayfield at Bayfield, 4:15PM.  (C teams @ BES). 

We had to change our date to travel to St. Columba to 9/17-- Same times.

Pine River Library SKEE Pass

Be on the lookout for “SKEE” pass information in the packet that your child will be bringing home on Tuesday. 

            The Pine River Library in Bayfield wants all students to start the school year off right with a “SKEE Pass” library card drive.  One of the simplest ways you can ensure your child’s academic success is by signing up for a library card. September is Library Card Sign-up Month! Pine River Library’s SKEE Pass program is an initiative that erases fines for any student with an existing library card, and signs up those students who do not have library cards. The SKEE Pass initiative runs through September 15. 

SKEE= Success, Knowledge, Education, and Entertainment.  The library card becomes a “SKEE Pass,” a student’s ticket to everything.